Here’s everything you need to know about the Windsor Creek Trio. Listen to our music, view a video or peruse our gallery. While the band goes back over 50 years, our media is current. Once you’ve had a look around, head over to our booking page for all the details on how you can add the Windsor Creek Trio to your event.

Feeling old fashioned? (So do we.) If you’d prefer that we send you a package with all of the above, no problem. Just contact us and we will put something in the mail for you ASAP.

Here’s the basic info:

The Windsor Creek Trio. Patriotic, Family Friendly Fun.

Promotional Gallery

Use this logo to market the Windsor Creek Trio
….or you can use this one if you like.
The Under American Skies CD cover
The In Concert CD cover

Some “candid” photos of the band.

Okay. That’s enough of that. How about some music?

Wayfaring Stranger-Traditional
Whiskey in the Jar (Gilgarra Mountain)-Traditional
One Song Away From a Hit-Dave Woodruff
The Golden State-Dave Woodruff
Under American Skies-Dave Woodruff

We sound good, but how do we look? How about some video?

Frankie & Johnnie

Tech Stuff

You can find our Stage Plot and tech requirements here. Just print them out or download as you see fit.